In recent weeks, there have been a number of mornings when the streets and pavements were slippery due to ice forming.  The Parish Council would like to remind residents that there are a large number of self help grit bins spread across the village (Yellow and Green) and these are  available for use by residents when the roads and pavements are slippery.  If the salt/grit in your nearest bin has compacted, please let the Clerk to the Council know and the matter will be rectified asap.  The contents of the bins are not for residents private use on their own  private paths/drives. 

Please see the First Bus and Transdev websites for details.

Vital evening bus link between York and Stamford Bridge saved thanks to three councillors and a local employer.

See attached News Release and photo.

Stamford Bridge Parish Council has received details of a planning application for 120 properties on land North East of 6 St Edmunds Stamford Bridge

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