Swimming Pool Plant Roof Broken

Message on behalf of Hilary Saynor Chair Stamford Bridge Community Swimming Pool

On Thursday night 3 August someone got onto the roof of the pool plant room and
broke through in two places. Whoever did so must have hurt themselves as the larger
hole is 1.8m x 1.8m and the whole roof now needs to be replaced. They have also
damaged the plant which ensures that the pool is kept clean and has the right
chlorination, as well as heating the pool. Fortunately we can still operate but the
repairs will be considerably in excess of £4,000 which hopefully our insurers will pay
for, although our premiums are likely to increase. I am extremely concerned that
whoever did this could have seriously hurt themselves if they had actually fallen onto
the plant. Did anyone see anything or know anything about this? Do you know of a
young person who has an injury which has not got a really good explanation? If so can
you let us know or at least tell them why it is not a good idea to walk on the roof.
Please will you share this with your friends, Hilary